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About the Division Governo
districtDivision Governor Profile
Anle Division Governor Hsiang Wen-Lung (Inaugurated in June 14, 2005)
Academic qualification: Graduated from National Cheng Chi University Affiliated Open Administration College, Administration Department

Work experience: Neighborhood Administrator, Conscription Office Administrator, Keelung City Chungshan District Office, Section Administrator, Keelung City Government Secretarial Office, Section Administrator, Social Bureau, Section Head, Keelung City AnLe Division Civil Affairs Office, Section Head, Keelung City Government Construction Bureau Industrial And Commerce Office, Secretary, Keeling City Nuan Nuan District Office

Future prospect of the division administration:
By adhering to the good tradition of Anle Division in the past and by basing on the goal of 「incorruptible and efficient and in search of excellence」, the division unfolds the spirit of 「friendliness, convenience to the people, service」and shall jointly advance with full effort in the construction of Anle Division.


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